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Broker Notebook

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Last week I was riding the shuttle bus home from the Minnesota State Fair. The man in the seat next to me saw my camera in my lap and started up a conversation. I know better than to say "yes" when I am asked if I am a photographer. When he asked, I just said that I was taking some pictures at the fair. My seatmate proceeded to tell me all about his friend, who is apparently one of the greatest photographers in the world. It is not possible to sit next to someone who does not have a friend or a relative who is an amazing photographer, because everyone knows someone who is a great photographer. I kept getting a feeling of déjà vu as the man was talking to me. I realized I'd probably had the same conversation on the shuttle bus to or from the fair in years past. Maybe next year, I'll stow the camera in the backpack before I board the shuttle so I don’t have to listen to the same conversation all the way to the park-and-ride lot. If I'd said "yes" when I was asked if I...