Survey quantifies industry discontent with’s AgentMatch

57 percent agree with statement that agent-ranking platform is a 'terrible idea'

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AgentMatch, the pilot agent-ranking platform that rates agents based on productivity stats from multiple listing services, client recommendations and other information, has been hotly debated by agents from the moment unveiled it, in early November. A new survey from the popular "Raise The Bar in Real Estate" Facebook Group, which is made up predominantly of residential real estate agents and brokers, quantifies some of the sentiments that have been expressed in discussions so far. More than half of the 414 respondents (57 percent) agreed with the statement that AgentMatch, currently in pilot form in Las Vegas and Boulder, Colo., is a "terrible idea." Another 20 percent said they "don't think it's a great idea," while 13 percent were undecided. Just 10 percent felt it was a "great" (5 percent) or "OK" (5 percent) idea. The survey's multiple choice questions did not attempt to identify the specific reasons that brokers and agents object to AgentMatch. But when as...