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WAV Group survey suggests more MLSs will be shopping for new platforms

Some systems are showing their age, and mobile offerings lag

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More multiple listing services will be considering a new platform provider when their contract with their current vendor expires than in previous years, according to an annual survey from real estate consulting firm WAV Group. A preliminary release of the survey's findings showed satisfaction ratings for MLS platforms dropping across the board this year among both MLS staff and MLS subscribers. While 49 percent of staff respondents said they would likely renew their contract with their current vendor once it expires, 32 percent said they would probably renew but plan to look at all their options first; 12 percent said they had had issues with their current vendor and planned to look seriously at other vendors; and 7 percent said they planned to look for a new vendor. "These numbers represent considerably more 'looking' than we have seen in prior years," WAV Group said. The firm attributed the rise in industry "churn" partly to MLS system improvements regarding interfaces, f...