Everyone’s an expert on how to sell a house, whether they’ve sold one or not

Broker Notebook

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I try not to get irritated, but everyone I work with thinks they know how to sell a house. Sometimes they have a relative or co-worker who is an "expert" in buying or selling real estate. Or they choose to give more weight to advice that they read on a website over the advice I give them. Even when they already have an agent, sellers sometimes go to websites where they can get free advice from other real estate agents in an attempt to get a second opinion. There are agents from all over the country who are willing to give advice because they think it makes them look smart. They will not hesitate to give a Minnesota home seller advice all the way from California. I, too, have a website, which some people depend on for real estate advice even if they are already working with another agent. But when people who are already working with an agent email me asking for advice, I suggest they ask their agent because I don’t give out free second opinions to people who have already enga...