Down Payment Resource partners with Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA property reports will summarize info bout homeowner assistance programs

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Real estate professionals whose multiple listing service licenses property-specific information about available homeowner assistance programs from data aggregator Down Payment Resource will soon be able to incorporate that info into reports they prepare for clients using Cloud CMA. The partnership between Down Payment Resource, which bills itself as "the nation's only search engine for homebuyer programs," and Cloud CMA developer W&R Studios, was announced today at the Real Estate Connect conference. Financing is always a challenge, and Down Payment Resource "is an excellent tool for real estate professionals," said W&R Studios co-founder Greg Robertson in a statement. "By integrating DPR’s information directly into Cloud CMA reports, real estate professionals will be giving their clients a great resource for making the dream of homeownership come true." When MLSs integrate Down Payment Resource with listings data, consumers shopping for homes on web...