What sale of realtor.com operator Move to News Corp signifies: Nothing. Zippo. Nada.

Commentary: Average real estate agent and broker will not be affected by change in ownership

The announcement that Ruper Murdoch’s News Corp is buying realtor.com operator Move Inc. is sending shockwaves through the real estate industry.

I mean, think of the massive impact that this will have on the daily life of real estate agents and brokers!

Imagine how this will dramatically disrupt the business of buying and selling houses! Seriously, think about it!

OK, keep thinking. You come up with anything yet?

Nothing? Zippo? Nada?

Yeah, me neither.

I mean, I can obviously see how this could be a big deal to everyone at Move, getting a new boss. That could be very exciting. And I understand that this is an interesting development to people at Zulia, who are curious as to whether a behemoth like News Corp can breathe some life into realtor.com.

And this is big news to all those startups that have built their own real estate technologies and now have yet another reason to keep dreaming of eight- and nine-figure paydays despite the fact that they don’t have any actual, you know, profits.

But for your average, everyday real estate agent and broker, the only people who should spend more than five minutes thinking about this should be those who are invested in Move and need to find out if they made any money at the $21-per-share purchase price.

So let’s stop reading this and get back to work helping our clients buy and sell homes. Period, end of story.

Joseph Rand is a managing partner of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, and author of the Rand Blog, and his real estate education blog, The World’s Best Real Estate Agent.