‘Lifelong learners’ should be on brokers’ short lists to hire

Nipping the 'shortcut mindset' in the bud

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In a recent tweet storm, Brad Inman took to Twitter to vent about licensing requirements, incompetent agents, and what it will take to fix the problem. While he recommended implementing more stringent licensing requirements, penalties and watchdogs, is there a more effective solution? What can the real estate industry do to raise the quality of the agents in the business? Everyone complains about the problem, but the issue refuses to go away. Potential solutions include raising the education requirements, requiring new agents to work with a mentor, and shifting from a desk-count mentality to focus on quality rather than quantity. All of these fixes are like putting a bandage on a blister. The bandage addresses the symptom, but it doesn’t fix the root cause of how the shoe fits. The root cause: a shortcut mindset? In 2012, the Texas Association of Realtors surveyed 284 broker-owners/managers who identified what they saw as the correlates of new agent success and failure. B...