Why net neutrality matters to real estate

President, FCC chairman don't see eye to eye

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Two words -- "net neutrality" -- clogged news feeds and email inboxes after President Obama issued a policy statement that served as a reminder to real estate agents and prospective homebuyers that new rules for the Internet could have damaging effects. The battle between Internet providers and users is swept up in legal terminology and years of ongoing debates. But simply put, new rules for the Internet could have a negative effect on real estate agents and prospective homebuyers. Right now the Internet is open. That means all traffic online flows freely, no matter the website, volume of information or user. This is important, advocates of an open Internet say, because it promotes equal access, free speech and innovation in an online marketplace of ideas. Internet service providers, or ISPs, such as Verizon or Comcast, have the power to control how fast or slow a website downloads, and what a user can or cannot see. The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees and...