Mike Leavy’s dream is ‘a common real estate vocabulary and a shared sense of listing information’

Streamlining data terminology and other product architect pipe dreams

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Mike Leavy Product architect at Move Inc. Time at Move Inc.: Four years What he does: I'm a "mobile architect," which means I interface with other technology groups on how to design our infrastructure and services, and I write a lot of iOS code — primarily in Swift nowadays. Age: Somewhere north of 40, well south of 100. Degree: B.S., Computer Science with a minor in English Literature from the University of California, San Diego Location: Santa Cruz, California Social media: LinkedIn "You work for a real estate technology company? That sounds kinda boring." That's the response I often get when someone asks me what I do, and, although I'm tempted to tell them I'm Batman, instead I tell them the truth: For most of my professional career, I’ve worked in the digital-imaging space, including 13 years at Adobe Systems, most recently as an architect in their imaging group. So moving to real estate was a rather odd course change for me. When I left, my for...