How to deliver technology real estate agents need [Special Report]

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Money is pouring into real estate technology, and the sheer number of products available to agents has risen exponentially in recent years. Whatever the merits of that increase, on a practical level this means that real estate agents are often bombarded by solicitations from tech companies peddling the next big thing. In that environment, what agents want from brokers, tech companies and associations is help choosing and using tech tools that will most benefit their business, according to an Inman survey (click to download full report and charts as PDF file). "The tech market in real estate is extremely saturated. The biggest obstacle I have is sifting through all of the crap companies to find the ones that actually provide value-added services," one agent said. "Reduce the noise, separate yourself from the competition. I get 15-plus emails/calls daily," said another. Agents are particularly hungry for more and better training; tech-savvy brokerage support staff; a neut...