Safety app designed for students now marketed to real estate agents

SafeTrek in talks with Keller Williams

In recognition of the risks that many real estate agents face on the job, the provider of a safety app originally designed for university students has begun marketing the product to real estate agents. Adoption of SafeTrek, which features a panic button that can alert local authorities of emergencies, skyrocketed in the wake of the high-profile murder of a real state agent in Arkansas, according to Zach Winkler, co-founder of SafeTrek. "I am a Realtor and this gives me some assurance when looking at investment properties for my clients," reads a review of SafeTrek from Apple's app store. "It's a help for looking at the short sale or foreclosed homes that I don't necessarily feel 100 percent safe going into alone." Available for iPhone and Android devices, SafeTrek's appeal rests largely on its ease of use. A person holds their thumb down on a "safe button" when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, and then takes one of two actions: They can releas...