Candi Looney: ‘If material isn’t engaging on a mobile device, I don’t use it’

Marketing expert talks analytics and tech tools

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Inman is interviewing real estate professionals in every area of the field to talk about technology use. Here’s Candi Looney, a marketing research analyst – and an Inman contributor. Is your phone an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone? Why? I have all three. One I use for business, the second for personal, and the third is a paperweight. I’ll give you one guess which one is the paperweight. How do you split your digital time: how much mobile, how much desktop? Since I work in an office during the day, I am probably 80 percent desktop and 20 percent mobile. However, I do use my phone all the time at my desk to see how marketing material will look to real estate agents, since many of them are using mobile devices most of the time. I understand how busy agents are during the day, so if the material isn’t engaging on a mobile device, then I don’t use it. Describe your job. What do you do every day? How does technology support (or not support) your daily job d...