Candi's Stories

There are three primary ways to gain business in real estate: sphere of influence. Many agents rely solely or mostly on their sphere of influence. The people you go to church with, your Facebook friends and your spouse’s boss — these individuals know you and your profession and will likely reach out when they need real estate services.

Apr 7

Here’s the thing about pay-per-click lead generation in real estate that I don’t think many agents fully take into account: You have prospects who are coming to you — so take advantage of it.

Mar 29

In June, I decided that renting my home wasn’t worth it anymore and that it was time to put it back on the market. My thinking was that it would sell in a couple of months. It didn’t. By September, the lease was up, and my renters were out. There had been little interest in viewing the property, and I was beginning to panic.

Dec 10

Having seen the ins and outs of the lead generation industry, I must say that I find it disappointing when agents say that paying for online advertising is a waste of money. Let’s say that I have received a job offer in Austin, Texas, and I decide to start looking at properties that will meet my family’s needs. What is the first thing that I am going to do if I have never been to Austin and don’t know anyone there? I’m going to Google it.

Oct 23

With all the talk about millennials, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of another crucial category of homebuyers — Generation X. Although millennials comprise most of the homebuying population, research shows that Gen X comes in at a close second. Generation X consists of those born between 1965 and 1980.

Jun 5

There are ways to use ever-present technology tools as mechanisms to nurture client relationships. The relationships we have with our clients should always be the top priority above any other asset that we have or use, but how do we nurture each and every client we have and still make time in our busy days to complete all the tasks on our calendar?

Mar 9

Inman’s recent special report, “How to deliver technology agents need,” highlights one of the most common challenges faced by the real estate industry: Agents are not taking advantage of the technology that brokers offer to them. It is somewhat understandable.

Feb 26