3 things every broker will achieve after adopting an ‘offer gen’ focus

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Brokers are missing an opportunity to improve their bottom line, recruiting and customer happiness by not focusing enough on the experience for active clients. If there's a group of professionals incessantly pressured to generate more and more leads, real estate brokers top that list by a mile. Naturally, we've focused our business on winning this rat race by doing whatever we can to generate more leads for our agents. I recently realized, however, that this uber-obsession with just generating leads might have masked the real ingredient to achieving an impact on business growth for our agents and the brokerage: generating offers, aka "offer gen." A recent Inman article by Andrew Flachner on a concept called offer generation reaffirmed my faith that investing in a client's experience during their homebuying process is just as important, if not more so, as investing in lead gen. So the question is, how does this concept of "offer gen" also apply to brokers? How can our businesse...