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If there’s a group of professionals incessantly pressured to generate more and more leads, real estate brokers top that list by a mile. I recently realized, however, that this uber-obsession with just generating leads might have masked the real ingredient to achieving an impact on business growth for our agents and the brokerage: generating offers, aka “offer gen.”

May 13

Who’s been here before? Your buyer couple walks into a listing that has been on the market for weeks with no activity. It’s the 25th house they’ve looked at because they haven’t been able to find exactly what they’re seeking.

Jan 21

As the role of the modern-day real estate brokerage continues to evolve, intelligent growth is crucial to stay relevant. Based on this, to sustain smart growth, brokers need to make sure they are bringing on the right mindsets with the agents they hire. Asking the right questions when you first meet with them is a great spot to start.

Dec 30
The right questions can reveal everything
Dec 30