How to talk to the real estate industry

Respect agents and brokers as fellow entrepreneurs

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Enjoy the Connect experience from your computer, laptop or tablet! Watch Connect now. Takeaways: Respect Realtors as fellow entrepreneurs. Research your potential partners. Don't try to sell -- build relationships instead. SAN FRANCISCO -- Real estate is about relationships and that goes for tech vendors as well as agents, according to Morgan Carey, founder and CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, at Inman Connect today. Here are Carey's 10 tips for tech entrepreneurs attempting to woo agents and brokers: Respect the fact that Realtors work their asses off. Know your industry. That includes keeping up with the latest news -- did you know Zillow is buying dotloop for $108 million? Be ready to talk about it. Realtors have seen it all, and humor is universal. Build a relationship -- don’t treat agents like they're brand-new and have no idea what’s going on because they are entrepreneurs too. Leverage like success. Compile a list of success stories similar to...