Podcast: Turn today’s success into career longevity

The skills to become successful aren't always the ones it takes to make that success last
  • Achieving success isn't easy -- making that success last is even more difficult.
  • There are lots of top producers at any given time, but only a few have long-term consistency.
  • There are skills and strategies that you can implement to make your success last.

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Success isn’t easy — and making it last is even harder. Case in point — in a lot of markets, you’ve got lots of “hot” agents who come and go pretty frequently, but when you take a close look at the actual trends, you’ll see only a handful of agents who produce consistently over time. The hot ones have fleeting success, and their popularity often burns out quickly.

Diego Cervo /

Diego Cervo /

What can we learn from this? There are a lot of lessons here — the first being that the skills to become successful aren’t always the ones it takes to make that success last. Another important lesson is that many agents get so focused on achieving initial success that once they’ve attained it they realize the hard way that they never planned what to do once they got there.

Today we’re taking a hard, honest look at long-term success, and how you can make it last. In real estate, lots of agents come and go, but when you add the principles of lasting success that Tim and Julie Harris discuss today into your career, you’re likely to achieve more, stay longer and be in a much better position in the long-term than agents who embody the saying “easy come, easy go.”


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