How to develop fruitful relationships with Chinese homebuyers

Experts shared tips for snagging this hot demographic at the CAR Expo
  • As a sign of respect, Chinese buyers like you to have visited their country before they will do business with you.
  • If you operate in a good school district, network in education circles where you will meet cash-ready Chinese buyers.
  • Be patient, relationships have to be allowed to develop so don't expect a deal immediately.

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Over the past two years, Pacific Union CEO Mark McLaughlin has traveled to China from his head office in San Francisco six times, and he's approaching his seventh visit. He has learned a number things from these trips. For instance, the pollution in Beijing can be debilitating and, therefore, pleasant American cities have much to offer overseas buyers. “The Chinese have a great appreciation for our air quality. There's no way to understand that unless you have experienced it yourself,” he said. The poor air quality comes from congestion in the cities. “Beijing has a population of 23 million and 8 million commute in every day,” McLaughlin noted. Another thing he has learned in his travels are the subtle cultural differences in the way the Chinese communicate. “When someone nods their head, you think they agree, but they are just saying: 'I heard you,'” he said. CAR Expo panel session McLaughlin was part of a panel speaking at the California Association of Re...