How has mobile technology changed your business?

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In 1986, when broker Lynnsy Logue was first beginning her career in real estate, the car was everything. “We lived in our cars,” Logue wrote in an article last month. “Delivered offers in our cars. Took inspection reports to buyers or sellers as well as delivered documents to attorneys, the other agent and the office manager — in our cars.”

Then everything changed.

As Logue put it: “And then came the Internet. And then came the world. And then came the world right into our home office, right onto my front porch, in my hand. Finally, we were out of our cars.”

It’s possible that nothing has or will change the real estate industry more than the advent of the smartphone. Consumers have constant access to listings, contracts can be signed digitally, and marketing materials can be composed and deployed with a few taps of your phone screen.

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