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Special report: Why and how real estate needs to clean house

Survey respondents mixed on whether NAR would take on low-quality agents
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Takeaways: Survey respondents consider "low-quality agents" the industry's biggest challenge. Real estate pros are worried about the public's perception of agent value. Respondents were mixed on whether NAR would help or hinder the industry in the years to come, either praising the trade group's size and political clout or accusing it of being slow-moving and self-serving. A recent Inman survey designed to gauge challenges and opportunities in the industry had real estate pros take a long look in the mirror. The results weren't pretty. The survey found that while there are several new initiatives coming down the pike to address control of listing data, real estate professionals consider the industry's biggest challenge to be, well, themselves. Or, rather, that incompetent agent on the other side of the table from them. And they were mixed on whether the organization many of them pay to represent them -- the 1 million-member National Association of Realtors -- would hel...