MLSs anxious about their role in Upstream

Many questions about the broker-backed initiative remain unanswered
  • MLS executives have questions about Upstream's revenue model, how it will handle IDX, how MLSs and Upstream will work together to deliver clean data -- and whether NAR subsidiary Realtors Property Resource (RPR) can deliver on the project.
  • MLSs say they can't adequately prepare for Upstream without answers to some of these questions, but multiple presentations at NAR's annual conference did not adequately answer them.
  • Many of these questions will be answered with execution, according to Upstream and RPR leaders.

MLS executives were treated to multiple presentations about broker-backed initiative Upstream at the National Association of Realtors’ conference in San Diego, but MLS execs say those presentations left a lot of questions unanswered — or answered poorly. Upstream intends to give brokers a single point of entry to manage property data and also give brokers the choice of where to distribute it.