Sarita Dua on what’s next in 2016

The principal broker shares her top business priority

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Inman is interviewing industry thought leaders to find out what’s next in 2016. Here's Sarita Dua, principal broker, The AskSarita Team, Keller Williams Realty Professionals. Want to weigh in on what’s next? Take our survey. Are you optimistic about 2016? The economy? Why? I am optimistic, yes. Prices are going up; rents are high. People are spending. Unemployment is low, and the job market is strong. What we are going to see now and for the foreseeable future is healthy. We knew interest rates were not going to stay this low forever. And that is OK. The housing market? Why? Yes, again. I guess I am the optimist, but we have a shortage of inventory and more and more people that need to buy. I sell houses, not flat panel TVs or yachts or luxury goods. People are always getting married, getting divorced, changing jobs or having babies. Food, clothing, shelter. It is a basic need, and I am privileged I get to help people buy or sell real estate. I get to be a p...