Why do you have more value than any other agent out there?

Consumers want what's best for them, and understanding your talents is a great place to start
  • People trust brands such as Nike and Apple because both companies consistently demonstrate value.
  • The consumer's perception is the consumer's reality, so keep in touch and provide updates on even the smallest progressions.
  • Know what you do better than your competition and be ready to articulate it at will.

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We hear it all the time: the agent is becoming obsolete. Consumers are skeptical of commission fees and often complain that agents get a hefty paycheck for little work. And then there's the barrage of third-party websites leading people to believe that real estate is a DIY industry. Where's the value for consumers in having an agent? Just reading the paragraph above, you've probably come up with several arguments to defend your hard work. You know the time and money you invest in your clients. And no website can negotiate contracts or be a voice of reason. But if you have to defend your value, it's too late. Instead of debating your worth, be proactive and upfront about the valuable services that you offer. What is value? Why are consumers likely to pay more for brands such as Apple or Nike? It's all about perception. The most popular brands don't wait until you discover them to show you their value. Nike and Apple make it a priority to stand out from the crowd -- and so shoul...