Zillow launches new for-sale listing video feature

Agents can create video walkthroughs through Premier Agent and Zillow Real Estate apps
  • Zillow's video walkthroughs are available through the Premier Agent and Zillow Real Estate apps starting Feb. 16.
  • The walkthroughs are soundless two minute videos that allow agents and sellers to highlight a home's layout and key features.
  • The simple video format is intended to help make home comparison process easier for buyers.

Listing photos are all well and good, but in 2016, when most buyers search for homes, they want more than just still images -- they want to know how those images fit together to create the space they might buy. Starting today, when a potential buyer visits a listing on Zillow, they might see a "video walkthrough," a quick two-minute overview of the property's floor plan in video mode. Some agents commission movie-quality listing videos with aerial drone footage, while others choose the 3-D route to give potential buyers the feeling of being immersed in a home's environment. But buyers usually aren't looking on a listing agent's website to get their first impression of a home, so it still might be worth filming a quick smartphone walkthrough to catch a buyer's attention. The feature is open to any agent with a Zillow profile (free or paid) and who uses the Zillow Premier Agent or Zillow Real Estate app starting today. (Click to see an example.) What's a video walkthro...