The Hillary Clinton and real estate industry love affair

The two go way back, scratching each other’s back on bread-and-butter issues
  • Hillary Clinton raised more money from the real estate industry than any other Democrat or Republican contender by a long shot -- a total of $2.69 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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With a real estate guy running for President, can any other contender capture meaningful industry support? Yes -- Hillary Clinton, who has been a happy beneficiary of the real estate industry’s generous political  largesse. Hillary Clinton and the 2013 NAR event Hillary Clinton at Moscone Center to talk to Realtors. When Clinton came on stage at Moscone Center in San Francisco on November 9, 2013, before a standing ovation of 10,000 Realtors, some chanted “Just Say Yes” -- showing support for the former Secretary of State’s future Presidential run. The press, cameras and recording devices were banned from the NAR Clinton love fest. You won’t find the speech on YouTube. Like her other paid speeches, the National Association of Realtors event was expertly staged by the Clinton team, down to minutiae like specifying the type of  condiments that were to be on hand for the 68-year-old politico. NAR paid a whopping $225,000 for Clinton’s speech and more in ...