HomeView makes pictures a priority in home data management

Maintenance and inventory app uses images as the interface
  • HomeView engages the user with external shots of the property and then smartly drives the user into a room-by-room gallery.
  • With this app, a list of every asset is readily accessible and editable, from brand of blender to the date you had the ottoman reupholstered.
  • The rise of smart homes will make home information tracking easy and essential.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. HomeView is an image-based home management app. Platform(s): Browser-based; iOS for iPad, iPhone Ideal for: Homeowners, as well as agents who sell new construction or work on-site Top selling points Unlimited image hosting Appliance information tracking Event calendar for maintenance milestones Things to consider This app is the latest entry in a growing field of digital home information trackers. I feel some are further along in technical sophistication than HomeView. Also, for it to benefit the sale of the home, agents need to encourage and actively assist in their sellers' use of it. Full review In the digital home management space, HomeZada takes a more put-together and proactive approach, and CentrIQ curates online resources and crowdsources solutions for common home repair and appliance information. HomeKeepr and Dizzle also contribute to th...