How a 4-woman team is enjoying its old-to-new transition

Here's a tale of an all-female team that recently moved to an indie brokerage
  • There is not enough diversity - gender or ethnicity - in the upper management of real estate firms.
  • At Compass, agents are treated like clients and can buy a suite of services for their business.
  • High producing agents need more support and training - so they can double their output.

Put Peggy Murdock Ferris, Molly Peter and Meredith Margolis in a tastefully decorated broadcasting studio together, let them loose on an industry topic of their choosing, and the result is like the real estate version of “The View.” Known as the FPL&M team, the agents are vocal, opinionated and excited to have a seat at the Washington, D.C. table of Compass — the fast-growing tech-led real estate company they moved to from Long & Foster late last year.