4 myths about working with international clients

Plus tips to help make the process go smoother
  • Specify from the start that once the contract is signed, it cannot be changed.
  • Read about the culture of your clients.
  • Master working with international clients.

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With the major chunk of people moving overseas in search of jobs, the percent of cross culture homebuyers is on a rise, worldwide. It requires the agents to move on from the myths that surround the real estate market when we talk about dealing with international clients. There comes a time in every agent's life when they have to deal with clients who belong to a culture different, who use a different language and have a different mindset. It's only a matter of time until you too will encounter a multicultural client, if you have not already. For your first time or the next, whatever might be the case, be wary of some myths that do rounds in the real estate market when it comes to dealing with multicultural clients. Here are some of them: 1. Cross-cultural clients insist on no negotiation once the contract is made and signed. It has nothing to do with the culture. Some clients are just low context, and they see the signing of property deal as the last step. Others are high c...