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In a very short span of time, messaging apps have become the next big thing in social media. Today, names such as Google Chat and Facebook Messenger as well as other messaging apps have reached an altogether different level.

Aug 11

The internet has made its way into the bedrock of the world’s most profitable economy: real estate. A number of growing online portals have vaulted into the market to help buyers sail through one of the most difficult transactions of their life. Given real estate websites’ increasing trajectory, it may seem like the electronic marketplace has crushed Realtors just like travel agents, stock brokers and classified ads.

May 6

With the major chunk of people moving overseas in search of jobs, the percent of cross culture homebuyers is on a rise, worldwide. It requires the agents to move on from the myths that surround the real estate market when we talk about dealing with multi-culture clients.

Mar 22

Being a dual agent — the seemingly harmless thing that appears to be an extremely profitable deal with the best of both worlds. But is it? Have you ever thought about dual agency from the point of view of buyers and sellers? Let’s think about the buyers’ and sellers’ perspective now.

Feb 12

Despite their age, old houses are loved because of their history. Every historic home gasps the air of mystery and curiosity with a million stories of love, life and hope floating within it.

Nov 20