How (and why) this top producer turned his team into a full-blown brokerage

Mark Spain talks about the genesis of teams and why he took his own to the next level
  • Mark Spain started experimenting with teams in the '90s.
  • Don't start a team because it's a shiny object, he advises -- be sure you have the business (leads) to support it.
  • Create systems and be predictable, which is how any business thrives, not just a real estate brokerage.
  • Continue to learn and seek out new knowledge so that you can grow as a leader.

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Mark Spain After being a highly successful mega-team leader, Mark Spain, Chairman & CEO of Mark Spain Real Estate, launched his independent brokerage in January of this year. He was previously with Keller Williams for nearly five years. His numbers are impressive, with 45 agents and $282 million in sales on 1,282 transactions in 2015. The company is projecting it will achieve $350 million in sales on 1,700 transactions this year. Credited with pioneering and innovating the team model, Spain is taking his company to the next level. Brad: Greetings, Inman News readers and listeners. I'm really excited today to have with me Mark Spain, chairman and CEO of Mark Spain Real Estate, and we're going to find out the answer to this question, "How and why I turned my team into a full-blown brokerage." Welcome, Mark. Mark: Thank you, Brad. I appreciate it. You are the epitome of success, and yet you've had different renditions of your career. Maybe we can go back a little bi...