Did a Beverly Hills agent take over Coachella geotags?

Concertgoers got a surprise when Rami Atherton's name showed up all over their social media posts
  • When Beverly Hills agent Rami Atherton's name appeared all over their Facebook and Twitter posts, Coachella attendees were more than a little confused.
  • Atherton says he has nothing to do with the geotag hack, and he has no idea how it could have happened.
  • The hacker created a second Facebook page with Atherton's name in an apparent attempt to take over the Coachella -- Weekend 2 geotag, but the page was shut down.

Rami Atherton is a property agent with Nourmand and Associates, a brokerage that serves Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Hollywood. When concertgoers geotagged their Facebook and Twitter posts with “Coachella — Weekend 1,” Rami’s name would appear once the post was published. How did this alleged hacking scheme happen? We talked to a social media expert to get his take.