George Schultz: ‘Find your hero in this business’

Longtime brokerage manager shares his thoughts on collaboration, coaches and more

George Schultz is the managing broker and vice president of development and brokerage of @properties. How did you become a managing broker? Were you first an agent first? I moved to Chicago in 1996 to pursue a career in acting and had a five-year plan to move to L.A. At the end of five years, I was set to move, until the dot-com bust held me back financially from pursuing acting full time. I looked into real estate because housing was booming, and I got my license in late 2000. After a year of working for a large brokerage firm, I decided to take a chance on a small, 50-agent company, @properties, that was just getting started. Working closely with co-owners Michael Golden and Thaddeus Wong, my business grew quickly. I started working on developments as well. I found out that my real passion is helping people make great choices and mentoring brokers. In 2009, I was asked to open the Bucktown office as managing broker. Now, the Bucktown office is the No. 1 office in all of C...