Ask the audience: How likable is your headshot?

PhotoFeeler enables agents to have their photos critiqued in a snark-free, professional setting
  • Image quality has never been more important, and social media greatly augments how appearances impact livelihood.
  • Earn data-driven, private feedback on your professional portrait with PhotoFeeler.

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. PhotoFeeler is headshot quality analysis software. Platform(s): Browser agnostic; mobile responsive Ideal for: Any size brokerage or agent team Top selling points Honest feedback in a "safe" environment Free Activity-based credit system User controls allow for careful testing Top concerns Collection and probable sale of photo feedback data Vanity What you should know I was made aware of PhotoFeeler by a colleague here at Inman who is often struggling with the low-quality headshots we receive for articles and content. Graphic designers can be easily irked by the poor technical quality of customer or reader-submitted images; most often it's an issue of resolution. (Universal tip: You can't just type "300" in the image edit window to make an image 300 dpi.) However, visual professionals like my co-worker are also concerned with actual...