Why Snapchat’s new custom filters will change real estate marketing

  • Snapchat's new custom geofilters represent a significant marketing opportunity for real estate agents and brokers -- they can add a branded geofilter for anyone to use.

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I didn’t sleep at all last night. My mind was going crazy. I was blowing up my my marketing team with texts and recording waves on Anchor (such a cool app, you have to check it out) about the new Snapchat geofilters. I think this is going to be a game-changer! In case you’ve been under a rock, Snapchat is the social media app that allows users to share a picture or video with their friends. However, unlike Facebook or Instagram, the photo or video is available for no more than 10 seconds before it disappears into the dark depths of the Internet, never to be seen again (or so we hope). From a marketing standpoint, it’s brilliant. In a culture that has so much FOMO (fear of missing out), people can’t help but pay attention! I know what you are thinking: “The sexting app!? I will NEVER use Snapchat!?” Although Snapchat got a bad rap in its infancy, it is quickly gaining some serious footing in the social media world. More than 60 percent of 13-to-34-year-old...