Real estate teams: 4 numbers for profitability

Know which figures mean the most to your business
  • About 212 separate tasks are involved in getting a client to the closing table on time.
  • Focus on the process numbers. This is your business fuel.
  • One of the greatest ways to make money is not to spend it.

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From the outside looking in, real estate looks like it could be pretty easy. All you do is show a few homes, whip up a contract, negotiate a bit -- and poof! Payday! From the inside looking out, we know there's more to it, which is why we see real estate teams popping up all over. There are approximately 212 separate tasks involved in getting a client to the closing table on time. When a team of individuals is involved, it makes the process more efficient. But even still, 212 tasks is a lot to juggle. For the client, we know it's an emotional process because there's a lot going on with their process too. It's a balancing act between the clients' daily needs, the generation of new business at every turn, time management strategies and the countless transactional details with the deals in progress. How do you become financially consistent in this crazy, yet fun field? It's in the numbers! Give some serious attention to these four numbers. 1. Process numbers or results nu...