Kelly's Stories

From the outside looking in, real estate looks like it could be pretty easy. All you do is show a few homes, whip up a contract, negotiate a bit — and poof! Payday! From the inside looking out, we know there’s more to it, which is why we see real estate teams popping up all over.

May 17

Powerful vision matters. Look at Steve Jobs and how he changed the world by telling a story we did not even know we needed or wanted. He sold a product, but moreover, he sold the idea. The vision. Someone at your organization needs this same type of vision. Maybe it’s you?

Apr 18

Building a business team is exceptionally exciting. The necessary resources are brain power, belief, money and time. Real estate is a business in which entrepreneurs can see strong results straight out of the gate. Building a collaborative, innovative real estate team with high achievers is the way to find that level of success and financial freedom.

Mar 8