Tensions rise surrounding 606 trail and affordable housing in Chicago

Hundreds gathered in protest of rising rents, home prices and property taxes
  • Hundreds of protesters took to the 606 trail to raise awareness about rising rents and property taxes forcing families out of northwest side neighborhoods.
  • The Logan Square Neighborhood Association proposed two plans to keep long-term residents in their homes.
  • A Logan Square Alderman proposed a new 100 percent affordable housing building along Milwaukee Avenue.

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606 trail groundbreaking / Flickr user Steven Vance Last weekend, the 606 trail was buzzing with more than speedy bikers. The trail that opened nearly a year ago was filled with marchers protesting the gentrification of the elevated trail's surrounding neighborhoods, like Logan Square and Humboldt Park. The protest was sponsored by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association and had hundreds to gather against the rapidly rising prices of homes, rentals and property taxes in the neighborhood, pushing out families that have lived there for generations. Juliet de Jesus Alejandre, an organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, told the Chicago Tribune that what the neighborhood needs is policies, ordinances and laws geared specifically to protect long-time residents. The association has two specific ideas to help keep the community accessible for mid to low-income residents: a tax rebate program and a pilot district where demolition fees would be heightened and d...