What is your body language giving away?

What provides as much pleasure as 2,000 bars of chocolate? Your smile
  • Commonality is the foundation for virtually all relationships.
  • Remember to smile, tilt your head and never to look down your nose at anyone.
  • Asking for advice is one of the most potent ways to influence someone.

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Neuroscience research has demonstrated that a smile gives your brain as much pleasure as 2,000 bars of chocolate or receiving $25,000. If you want to be more effective at building trust and rapport with your clients, understanding how your smile and other non-verbal body language signals influence the connection process is critical. If you have ever studied body language, you probably know that crossed arms normally don’t bode well for a negotiation or that a raised eyebrow indicates that someone is questioning whether you are telling the truth. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) experts suggest that if we want others to feel that we are on the same page as they are, we should mirror and match their body movements. This is particularly helpful when you have a parent of a young person who is buying his or her first home. If you mirror and match the motions of your client, the parent will read you as being on the same page as their child. The challenge with mirroring and matchi...