5 superhero actions to sweep your real estate clients off their feet

You don't need a fancy getup or flying abilities to make a real difference in someone's life
  • The best way to snag a client is to be a superhero.
  • Real estate superheros provide value that 'saves the client's day.'
  • It could be as simple as helping a first-time buyer figure out down payment solutions, helping a widow with a reverse mortgage or saving someone from foreclosure.

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Agents spend millions of dollars on lead generation companies, sending out postcards, cold-calling, holding open houses and a host of other activities. But what if there was a way to generate a customer for life with just one single action? Last week, my column argued that it’s time to shift from the "33 Touch" approach -- mailing out just listed and just sold cards, doing pop-bys and sending out promotional items such as calendars -- to implementing a "33 serve" program that focuses on attracting business by being actively involved in your community, helping others, being the most professional agent you can be and providing every single one of your clients with a five-star customer service. Characteristics of a superhero Back in 2013, my husband and business partner, Byron Van Arsdale, did a great five-part series on our Real Estate Coach Radio show called, "Newsflash -- Real Estate Agents Are Superheroes." Granted, a huge proportion of agents would never qualify for this...