If you like your home enough, you can move it down the street

Moving the entire house was a smart financial move, the homeowners say
  • Andrew and Christine Raitt are moving their house from Hollywood to neighboring Los Feliz.
  • They sold the 6,500 square foot property the renovated home was sitting on to a developer.
  • The Raitts purchased the home in 2013 and renovated the insides so well they want to keep the house.
  • It will cost just under $100,000 to move the house 2.2 miles.

In true Godfather fashion, one Hollywood couple has basically said, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Andrew and Christine Raitt of Hollywood just sold the 6,500-square-foot piece of property their home was situated on, but part of the deal was they get to keep their home, which they are moving down the street to neighboring Los Feliz.