Nearly 3 of 4 student loan holders believe their debt delays homeownership

Potential buyers are deterred because they can't save for a down payment, don't feel financially secure or fail to qualify for a mortgage
  • New research indicates that a majority of non-homeowners believe that their student debt is a financial obstacle in the road toward buying a home.
  • Moreover, 42 percent of grads reported postponing moving out of a family member's residence due to student debt after college.
  • The slice of non-homeowners who are deterred by student debt is largest among older millennials (79 percent).
  • In addition, 31 percent of homeowners would like to sell but don't because of student debt.

The increasing costs of higher education have caused a lot of concern about student debt. How easy is it to afford a home when your degrees cost considerably more than they used to, and the framed piece of paper reciting your accomplishments is no guarantee of a job?