6 rules of postcard marketing for agents

Make sure your campaign is on target
  • Establish a goal, and measure short- and long-term results.
  • Clearly state how you’d like to your audience to respond to your campaign.
  • Create a powerful connection by understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of your audience.

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Although real estate postcards might not currently garner as much buzz as the latest social media platform, they’re one of the most reliable ways to generate leads, sales and clients for your real estate business. Real estate direct mail marketing is both a science and an art that requires equal doses of data-driven marketing insight and great design. With the right combination of art, copy and targeting, a postcard campaign can fuel your real estate business’s growth. Are you considering a postcard campaign for your real estate business? Read on to discover six rules of direct mail postcard marketing for agents looking to bring in new leads, appointments and sales. 1. Clearly define your campaign’s goal What is the goal of your direct mail campaign? Focusing on one goal at a time lets you tailor your direct mail postcard campaign’s message and hone in on the biggest way you can help people. Is the goal of your campaign to sell homes? To generate seller leads? To...