Podcast: From lackluster to luxury in 3 steps

Nicole Truszkowski shares what she learned from her trek to working with high-end real estate
  • Powerful sales and negotiation skills will help you go a long way.
  • The rich will always take advice from the rich; the wealthy from the wealthy. So a group of wealthy people will listen when one of them speaks.
  • People tend to walk away when business is done. What most people fail to realize is that after the first transaction, business has just begun.

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What if you had an eye for quality interior design? What if after passing by a residence, you already see its potential for luxury? What if you had a unique grasp on architecture, lighting, shapes and even sound? What would you do? What if you had the imagination of a child and the dedication of an adult achiever? The world will have no limits for you -- no boundaries. You will be able to get what you’ve set your mind to. You would be in luxury real estate. When Nicole Truszkowski decided to venture into real estate, like every other rookie, she wasn’t very confident. She underwent training, attended some classes and took those exams. When she got her license, things changed. Her license gave her the confidence that she needed to start her own company. It wasn’t easy starting a business. But Truszkowski had determination. In real estate, people will always have networks. But what Truszkowski wanted was...