Homeowners can now sell on MLS for no listing fee

USRealty.com's free FSBO product could entice more sellers to test the market
  • USRealty.com, headed by the founder of ForSaleByOwner, has provided a way for homeowners to list on the MLS and sell their homes for free.
  • The free product aims to "upsell" paid products to homeowners who use the the firm's free MLS listing option.
  • Despite a recent flood of new FSBO services, NAR data suggests demand for FSBO services remains low and may have even decreased.

What if joe-six-pack could market a home to the full universe of potential buyers and sell his property without spending a dime? Well, now he can. USRealty.com, whose CEO previously founded and sold one of the most popular for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) websites, is now offering MLS listings to sellers in dozens of states for no upfront cost or fees upon closing.