Podcast: How agent Mat Arruda went from 11 to 100 deals in two years

A former part-time bartender finds success in real estate
  • The only way to thrive in a changing market is to become a listing agent.
  • If they have to sell, you have to list them -- until they list with you, someone else or get a restraining order.
  • You don't have to be showy to be a success. Look for something that motivates you, and use it to make yourself better.

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In 2014, Mat Arruda was a part-time bartender and a part-time agent, who was buying leads and losing valuable business opportunities by spreading himself over two jobs. He closed only 11 deals that first year.

Then, he took the plunge and went full-time real estate. The following year was looking up, but Arruda realized he was stagnant and wondered why other people were getting listings and he wasn’t. It was then that he decided to get accountability and direction from a coach.

A first-generation Portuguese-American, Arruda was no stranger to hard work. Watching his family work the factories while taking multiple shifts to provide for their family around New Bedford, Massachusettes, and that spirit of pursuing the American dream has drastically shaped Arruda’s approach to his real estate career. Arruda sees his work as intensely personal and psychological as he guides buyers and sellers through the process.

Letting go of buying leads and becoming a listing agent was an adjustment at first. Arruda says he struggled to “ask” for the business as he pursued expired listings and persistent lead follow-up. Shifting to a mindset of “Why not? What’s the worst thing that can happen by asking?” Arruda is now on track to close 100 deals in 2016 in only his second full year in the business.

What would the “new” Arruda say to the Arruda of 18 months ago? He said to never stop learning. And he advises agents to learn how to diversify their business; one thing is not enough.


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