Should real estate agents cultivate their own brands?

When using your broker's brand can hold you back -- or set you free
  • There is never a one-size-fits all approach to marketing; it should be an individual decision.
  • The value of a broker's brand can impact the need for an agent to have his or her own brand.
  • Agents looking to build equity and ownership in their marketing should create their own brand.

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There is seldom a one-size-fits all response when it comes to marketing, so the answer to my question requires some elaboration. The key lies in understanding the pros and cons, so that a real estate agent may make the best decision. However, before discussing the pros and cons, I feel that it is necessary to analyze the broker’s perspective. Working with both brokerage firms and agents gives us plenty of insight. Why brand guidelines are important Bloomua / Of course, when working with a broker, we want the agents to use the broker brand as much as possible. The broker wants to protect their marketing investment and desires for all agents to use all of their marketing materials, including postcards, emails, social media templates, market reports and home brochures. This, of course, assumes that the agent executes the branding correctly. If there are no brand guidelines and the agent is given authority to get design from anywhere, the brand could ea...