7 steps and scripts for vetting investor inquiries

All the answers to 'When you see a really good deal, call me!'
  • Run your investor program like a pro.
  • Develop your investor A-plus list.
  • It’s a huge time-saver when you fully vet your investor inquiries.

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"When you see a really good deal, call me!” We all get this request, right? We get it a lot. Everyone wants a good deal. But is this a serious inquiry or just a casual conversation? Is this an investor or an investor wannabe? Or an investor who never intends to hire you? Or a person who would like to buy but is currently priced out of the market? In other words, is this person even an investor? Let’s fine-tune your response so you can protect your time by doing a better job of screening these "maybe" leads and coaching them into a solid buy or investment strategy. Step 1: Clarify Typically, with a little inquisitive grin on my face, I respond with, “When you say really good deal, what exactly do you mean?” Then, I listen. Step 2: Get more clarity “The reason I ask is I get that request all the time, and 'really good deal' means different things to different people. Are you thinking of buying or investing?” Or: “Oh, you’re an investor. Tell me more...