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If you're going through a tough time, try these 8 tips to refocus
Feb 27
When you love your job, you're better at it
Feb 23

You’ve decided to take the leap and become a real estate agent. Congratulations! You’ve taken the step of making a decision, but now it’s time to take action. Where do you start?As with any new business, new entrepreneurial effort or new job, preparation is key. This article outlines four essentials for the pre-license phase of your new real estate career.

Jul 13

So you’re just getting started in real estate and wondering how to gain traction in a particular area? Here are 13 pointers to help you do it faster, cheaper — and come across as a pro.

Jul 5

Most real estate leadership positions have some sort of shelf-life; re-entry into production is a somewhat common occurrence, and my story is no different.

Jun 15

When agents don’t produce, they often look for the next thing to get their numbers up, but SEO isn’t the answer for an underperforming agent. 

Jun 14

Top agent this! Top agent that! Superstar secrets! What the top 1 percent knows that you don’t! How to build a mega team! Big! Mega! There are a tremendous number of Realtors out there who tune out headlines that contain these words.

Mar 9

I had coffee the other day with three of my favorite sophomore agents. I coached all of them in their first year in the business, and we have stayed connected since.

Feb 27