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Your daily standup meeting is one of the most important things you can start your workday with. Here's why you should place that meeting permanently in your calendar — and why you should focus on single-tasking
Oct 27
There's no doubt that this year's global health crisis shook the foundations of our life and work. So, what are the rules of living in this new normal? One coach weighs on adapting for 2020
Aug 18
As an agent, it's critical that you take a deep dive into your finances and look at every little thing you're spending money on. This includes your single biggest expense — your broker split
Apr 1
If you're going through a tough time, try these 8 tips to refocus
Feb 27
When you love your job, you're better at it
Feb 23
This could be the most brilliant move of your life -- plan accordingly
Jul 13
You can rock a new farm area quickly -- prepare to amaze
Jul 5
When a pro relaunches, it requires a well-defined best-practices plan
Jun 15