Why win-win always trumps win-lose

Don't get stuck in an up-down spiral
  • Researchers have concluded that winning can be as dangerous as losing.
  • Increased cortisol levels are associated with stress-related diseases like cancer and heart disease.
  • To break the up-down spiral and escape the win-lose game, step into the realm of possibility.

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In elections and sports, there is only one winner. Playing win-lose in your real estate business, however, is a losing proposition for all involved that traps you in a dangerous up-down spiral. On the other hand, playing win-win opens up a world of possibilities for obtaining a positive outcome for both you and your clients. Several years ago, I heard Boston Philharmonic Conductor Benjamin Zander give an extraordinary keynote speech that explained how playing win-lose in any aspect of your life could trap you in “a dangerous up-down spiral.” [os-widget path="/inmannews/are-you-in-an-up-down-spiral" of="inmannews" comments="false"] Win-lose is actually no-win for anyone In an article called “These Two Hormones Divide Winners from Losers,” researchers conclude that winning can be as dangerous as losing. Although optimal amounts of testosterone result in winning, the “winner’s elixir” results from up to a 1,000 percent hike in testosterone that creates a self-rein...