Beyond the Facebook page: People-powered real estate

Break through the noise of the news feed by adding a personal touch
  • Facebook is always changing, which means it's hard to maintain and grow your audience.
  • Kelly Stonelake, Facebook Creative Shop's lead, helps clients tackle this issue every day with creative and engaging content that draws on the personal nature of the platform.
  • Stonelake said real estate agents must respect the intimacy of the newsfeed and create content that does so.
  • Stonelake said beautiful, well-crafted and relevant content will always rise to the top and that agents must take advantage of the tools they have, such as smartphones and photography apps to create professional-level content.

According to Stonelake, most clients use Facebook as the channel to share content that already exists, like news stories and blog posts, and place it in the news feed. But, that tactic doesn’t necessarily work for real estate agents who need to grab their audience’s attention on Facebook rather than re-directing them to a website or blog.